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TheKyle tagOMG! Steam Sale has started!! [link]
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hmmm... couldn't find you. If you sign up, my name is TheKyle27
Nos, what is your Rockstar Social Club username?
Yeah, they let you transfer your profile
Will my Profile swap over from the xbox?
Nice! I thought about buying the $500k apt because I could, but I like the view from other apts better
I bought a nice one with a 10-car garage for 391k
Dang that's all? I was worried that $1Mil in game would be like $5 IRL
Make sure you buy the nicest apartment first. Should be $400k i think.
Just got my $1.35Mil spending cash for Los Santos. You think that will get me a cool hat?
Dark Souls 2 re-release!
Happy (late) Birthday Nos!
w00t! (again)
Holiday Sale!
Sick banner bro!
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