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WHOO Congrats to Nosferatu and his second son being born yesterday!
Yeah whatever, Jerry.
Please don't post real names.
@VonCali - have the company pay for it and I will! ;) @dhQk - I don't know, we say so much random crap in chat.
That would be awesome! ...as long as you're paying. ;)
I like your idea, Nos, might as well just Skype into the next GN.
I'll have to wait the same amount of time it takes for VonCali to check this website...
i was thinking next game night we should set up skype on the tv so oduska can be a part of it. that way we can have one sooner!
VonCali, when are you going to fly oduska out again for another gamenight? ;)
I don't know. Probably not for a long time unless the job flies me out randomly.
oduska, when are you coming back for another gamenight?
Last night!!! :(
5 hours ago!!!
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