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Welcome back! ;)
Greetings from the other ocean, gentlemen.
hoe-duska made me spend around $150 for games i haven't even downloaded yet.
I spent $10 for 2. I got Tomb Raider and Arkham Origins. Not too bad!
I <3 Steam sales. I spent $33, and got 7 games and 5 DLC's
Happy fathers' day to oduska, Nos, Voncali, GelChick, and anyone else with a nooblet I don't know about!
The only thing better than E3 is when the games that were shown at E3 are actually released! :)
Thanks. They are really starting to pile up over here.
Grats Nos! Man, the nooblets are really piling up around here!
WHOO Congrats to Nosferatu and his second son being born yesterday!
Yeah whatever, Jerry.
Please don't post real names.
@VonCali - have the company pay for it and I will! ;) @dhQk - I don't know, we say so much random crap in chat.
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