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I'm a fan so far!
I'm totally surprised that EA did not ruin Battlefront (so far)
SW Battlefront beta looks great!
Maybe... I'm not usually a fan of R6 games. I'd need a guarantee that everyone else is buying it and will actually play it too.
Rainbow 6: Siege as a team based GN game? I'd be down!
You just need to reformat your computer less often
Once again I go to play GTA V and once again I forgot to back up my game saves (thinking Steam Cloud would do it for me)... gah
lol I'm down for the GN... not so sure about the janitorial part :sick:
We need a game night! I suggest Viscera Cleanup Detail
Where my GTA crew at?
No worries. I'll be busy most of this weekend, but might be able to play most of Sat
sorry guys been super busy... will be back on soon
oduska? Nos? Heist?
You do not have access to shout
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