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lol I noticed when Steam kept popping up saying he was playing it again
FYI Koma lies, he had it uninstalled for like 3 days
Haha Congrats!
I uninstalled CSGO! Now I can play other games!!! :)
Yeah, through Tuesday
Battlefront beta extended?!
I'm a fan so far!
I'm totally surprised that EA did not ruin Battlefront (so far)
SW Battlefront beta looks great!
Maybe... I'm not usually a fan of R6 games. I'd need a guarantee that everyone else is buying it and will actually play it too.
Rainbow 6: Siege as a team based GN game? I'd be down!
You just need to reformat your computer less often
Once again I go to play GTA V and once again I forgot to back up my game saves (thinking Steam Cloud would do it for me)... gah
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